Affirmative Action


Duration : 27 mins

Direction / Screenplay: Sonia Challal

Cast: Laure Moutoussamy, Gael Kamilindi, Sarah-Megan Allouch, Tasnim Jamlaoui, Alsene Gomis, Charlotte Furnon, Karelle Endomba

Production : Sonia Challal

Synopsis : Paris, 2042. The members of a black French family are summoned to subscribe to a government program to fight against discrimination called “Affirmative Action”, which they do not want. The existing tensions in the family are exacerbated when they learn that one of them has subscribed to the program.


  • POFF Festival, category Brave New Worlds, 2020
  • Thess International Film Festival, semi-finalist, 2020
  • Dumbo Film Festival, semi-finalist, 2020
  • Trouville Off-Court Festival, VSofficial competition, 2019
  • Shootingfollowed by OCS as part of the show VSCentral ourt aired on OCS City


  • Film Label Award 2021, Film House, 2021
  • Audience Award, Hollyshorts Monthly Screening 2020